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Single Post Style


A plugin where the user can upload different single-post templates into a folder. The plugin automatically recognizes which templates are in the folder. The user can then log in and choose which template they want for a specific category, or choose a default template for all categories that have no template selected. I made…(Read More)

This article is based on the fact that you have docks installed. On the following link I’ve specified how to install docker: Install docker. It is also based on an article from pattonWebs Let’s encrypt allows creation of free ssl certificate for your site. This will make the page safe and get a…(Read More)

For every new webpage I create on my own server, I also create a ftp user who only has access to that page’s web content. Vsftp is quite inconvenient to work painlessly but after finding this article , it became much easier. Here I summarize my commands based on that article. Installing vsftpd sudo apt…(Read More)



We plan the graphical based on your requirements and wishes. We discuss content as well as design and together draw up sketches on how the finished product may look…(Read More)



We take the sketches and transform them into code that works on the Internet. The templates built from the sketches are inserted into wordpress and the whole page, including texts and images, takes shape…(Read More)

Coffee state


We produce your digital material with full focus and of course drink several cups of coffee. Without the black and lovely drink, this stage had been snowy. We keep an open dialogue so that you are involved throughout the process, and we will gladly come over one some coffee…(Read More)

Fine tuning


It is now that you have access to a first draft of your new web page or the graphic work done. If you are not satisfied with what we have produced, we can conclude the cooperation here and you will pay nothing…(Read More)