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To add your Angular project as a theme is easy. Therefore I will here summarize the doppiaeast article of how simple it actually is. The first step you are to add index.php and function.php and style.css to your Angular project src folder to get wordpress to know the theme. These files must…(Read More)

This article is based on the fact that you have docks installed. On the following link I’ve specified how to install docker: Install docker. It is also based on an article from pattonWebs Let’s encrypt allows creation of free ssl certificate for your site. This will make the page safe and get a…(Read More)

For every new webpage I create on my own server, I also create a ftp user who only has access to that page’s web content. Vsftp is quite inconvenient to work painlessly but after finding this article , it became much easier. Here I summarize my commands based on that article. Installing vsftpd sudo apt…(Read More)